Whether new to bonding or a sophisticated user, we can support you. 

We can help you establish an initial bond program with streamlined underwriting (link to New to Bonding page) and help you understand what is needed to develop a standard surety program.

We also help established contractors improve their surety programs by increasing capacity, reducing rates, and managing risk.  

Finally, we have the tools and expertise needed to obtain “hard to place” bonds that are beyond the reach of other agents.

Our Approach

After an initial call or meeting, we provide an in-depth pre-underwriting analysis and report.  The goal is threefold.  First, we identify deficiencies in a potential underwriting submission and work with you to make improvements. 

We then formulate a plan to “tell the story” as to why your company deserves better results than it is receiving from its current agent.  Finally, we collaborate on surety market selection to align your company with the best underwriters.

We are appointed with 15 top surety carriers that support a wide range of risks.  All of our carrier partners are A rated by AM Best.


National & INternational Reach

Currently licensed in 38 states and we have relationships with carriers and brokerages that allow for efficient processing of bonds throughout the US and internationally.

Beyond issuance of bonds, we have robust prequalification capabilities to identify quality general contractors and subcontractors across markets.  

We also have experience and knowledge of lien laws, retainage and payment provisions, and other statutes across different states.



We work with general contractors, including vertical, heavy highway, civil infrastructure, and tenant improvement prime contractors.

These bonds can be required by statutes such as the Miller Act or private commercial developers.

We also work with specialty subcontractors of all types, including asbestos remediation, asphalt paving, masonry, landscaping, structural concrete, roofing, glazers, waterproofing, and coatings.  

While there are similarities between trades, specific scopes of work can create additional risk profiles and require experience working with underwriters that can understand the unique differences.



Have you applied for a surety bond but were declined by a surety carrier?  If so, you may want to work with an agent that is appointed with the Small Business Administration’s Bond Guarantee Program.

The program works because the SBA will reimburse surety carriers for up to 90% of losses they incur.  The protection allows underwriters to expand their appetite for higher risk bond requests.


M/WBE and Service-Disabled Veteran Contractors

As long-standing members of the American Subcontractor Association and Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, Evergreen Surety has a track record of supporting prime and subcontractors enhance their bond programs.  

We also maintain relationships with government agencies and certification consultants that can help eligible companies obtain the appropriate designations. 



There are a wide variety of industries that come across surety bond requirements that don’t fit the normal underwriting considerations of construction bonds.  These include janitorial, software, etc.


COntract REview

With years of experience and a database of contract review reports, Evergreen Surety can provide quick and comprehensive contract review.  We also know which municipalities and general contractors are able and willing to negotiate problematic contractual terms.  This negotiation can help you mitigate risk and outperform your competitors.

Additionally, we maintain legal and risk matrix reports for all 50 states and Canada.  As your company expands into new territories, we can efficiently help you navigate new legal landscapes.


Financial statement and KPI analysis

Beyond obtaining the bonds you need; Evergreen Surety is able to provide comprehensive consultation on business operations and financial reporting.  Surety underwriters focus on different ratios and key performance indicators, and understanding which metrics are driving underwriting decisions is key to budgeting and planning your path to continued profitability.

Tom Patton and Evergreen Surety also maintain relationships with accountants, fractional CFOs, and advisors that can provide hands-on support, both on short-term and permanent engagements.


Get a complimentary consultation for your surety bonding needs.

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