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How do I become qualified to obtain a surety bond?

As a credit-based instrument, obtaining a bond is similar to obtaining a loan, except it is for a specific contract/project/obligation. The personal credit scores of the owners are vitally important and producing personal and corporate financial statements that reflect strong character, capital, and capacity are key.


We have helped hundreds of contractors (and non-construction firms) obtain their first surety bonds. At a minimum, we recognize that surety bonds are a niche product and educating others is mutually beneficial.

If I have a brand-new company, or a less-than-stellar credit score and financials, am I automatically disqualified?

Definitely not.  A bond guarantees the performance of a contract.  If you can provide information that shows you will complete the project and adhere to the terms of the contract, obtaining the bond is possible.  The challenge is in taking the time to produce this information.

If you can complete the project, we can tell your story to obtain the bond.

How can the SBA help me obtain bonds?

The SBA Bond Guarantee Program acts as a backstop to surety carriers; if they suffer a loss the SBA will reimburse them. This program greatly expands the appetite of participating carriers.

For established contractors, the most valuable aspect of the SBA program is how they calculate working capital. Working capital, including a bank line of credit, can be multiplied 20 times to create a single bond limit.

Companies and individuals new to the bonding process may find the idea of obtaining a bond or establishing a bonding program to be intimidating and confusing.

We help first-time bond users navigate the process and remain a dedicated resource to answer your questions and meet your needs.

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