Your Source For

Evergreen Surety is your trusted source for surety bonds.

Your Source For

Evergreen Surety is your trusted source for surety bonds.

Build Bigger With Bonding

Evergreen Surety is a full-service bonding agency that helps increase your firm’s profitability. Our client-centric approach means you get fast response times and deep bonding expertise to create continuous revenue streams for your company.

We’re an independent agency licensed throughout the United States that not only offers the lowest rates, but also brings innovative thinking to help you grow your business.

Problems You May Be Having With Your Current Bonding Agent

Bonding agents are a key variable in determining the profitability of your business. Here are the most common issues firms have with their bonding agent and the difference you’ll get from working with Evergreen Surety.

No single point of contact

Too often firms get handed off to a processor and can have a hard time getting in touch with their bonding agent. At Evergreen Surety, you get a dedicated single point of contact who will help you obtain bonds as well as guide you through the number of issues that arise as you’re growing your business.

Poor communication

Obtaining bonds or processing paperwork requires speed and promptness. We pride ourselves on exceedingly fast response times and effective communication. Phone, email, text, video call, or in person – we accommodate whatever medium is best for you.

Inability to increase bonding capacity

Other agents often overlook several avenues that can increase your firm’s bonding capacity. We create a customized plan to help you fully achieve your potential.

Uncompetitive rate

While some agents settle for a “good enough” rate, we aggressively and strategically market your account to a wide range of carriers to produce the results you deserve.

Overcoming too much personal risk and indemnity

We conduct benchmarking and establishment of thresholds to overcome objections from surety underwriters. Our goal is to help our clients plan for and achieve both current and future financial goals.

Inadequate knowledge and expertise

Evergreen Surety are experts in surety bonds with the knowledge and resources to get the best outcomes to efficiently achieve your business goals.

Our Partners

I’ve worked with Tom Patton for years, and he always goes above and beyond with his service. His communication with underwriters, customer advocacy, and proactive and timely service are the best in the industry. We are lucky to have a great professional partner like Tom.

Wade M.

CFO, National waterproofing and vapor mitigation specialty subcontractor

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